What is Home Staging?

First impressions

Home staging enhances the first impression of a home. It is the art of decorating a home to appeal to a specific demographic by using a universal style to attract buyers, thus selling your property quicker and for more money in the real estate market.

Appeal to more buyers

This could include rearranging what the home seller already has. Or it could even mean bringing in new furniture, accessories and art to make the home appeal to more potential buyers.


Studies have shown that buying a house is based on 30% logic and 70% emotion, and we work on the buyers emotions by making them visualize the space and making them feel at home.

How we can help you

Furnishing of Empty Property



Minor Repairs

Property Consultation

Studies show that on average a staged home will sell for up to 10% more and also sell 50% faster than an unstaged home

About Us

This is where our story began, with a gap in the market Sold on Home Staging was created by Lynda & Astra who happen to be a Mother & daughter team.

Our passion for DIY projects and interior design lead us on a journey to start up our own business of utilizing spaces in homes correctly.

Lynda who has also had a creative streak and out of the box thinking decided to venture out and create her own business with her daughter Astra.

Astra who is an avid traveler has always had a creative flare and modern taste that she finds at afforable prices.

Bringing both qualities together we are an unstoppable team and have an understanding and vision to create exceptionally beautiful spaces for clients.

Every space needs to have a story, so let us bring your space to life.

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